Sometimes you don’t need representation, you just need a second legal opinion. In our experience, many people need to have a second legal opinion before they sign employment agreements but don’t because they feel pressured by their employers. You don’t have to sign anything immediately. You should always ask an employment attorney to review your agreements before you sign them.

You cannot trust your employer to want what’s best for you only, only the company. To find out if what’s best for the company is bad for you, contact the employment attorneys at Bantle & Levy.

What Types of Employment Agreements Can Bantle & Levy Advise On?

In addition to representing employees in disputes with employers, Bantle & Levy LLP has extensive experience in giving legal advice to employees. We advise employees who need legal assistance in non-adversarial situations, such as negotiating:

  • Employment Contracts: These contracts detail what someone’s duties and wages/salary will be during their employment. It’s also common for these contracts to contain rules of employment that employees are expected to follow, such as promises against tardiness and poor public behavior.
  • Severance Agreements: These contracts offer an employee compensation or benefits for a period of time following their termination as long as they maintain NDAs and/or leave their employment peacefully.
  • Non-compete Agreements: These agreements force an employee, contractor, business partner, or terminated employee not to work for the competition. They must be within reason, and cannot stifle someone’s career.

Without legal advice, you may not be able to spot when your employers are taking advantage of you. They want to do everything they can to increase and protect their own bottom line. In some cases, this can include leaving you by the wayside.

Why You Should Get Advice On Your Employment Agreements and Other Legal Matters

While it is never required that an employment lawyer review your contracts, non-competes, etc., it is often beneficial that they do. For example, if you are offered certain incentives and benefits for reaching set milestones in the company, you may come to find that these milestones are nearly impossible to achieve.

When you have an attorney review the contract, you can get a better understanding of the terms of the document and find room for negotiation.

In addition to milestones, you’ll also find the benefit in having an attorney who can guide you through salary negotiations, equity, and opportunities for growth. It’s not enough to be told these things verbally, you need it in writing and our attorneys can help with that.

Other terms and conditions we can provide advice on include:

  • Job title and description
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Leaving the job and termination of employment
  • Protecting your best interests–not the company’s

Why Should You Contact Bantle & Levy?

Not everyone needs a lawyer because the worst has happened. Instead, many of us are looking for someone to provide us with advice and help us wade through the legal jargon that may have lasting effects on our employment future. Contact our New York law firm today.

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