When you lost your job, you assumed that the severance package your employer offered you would be fair, especially for all the time you put into the organization. Unfortunately, the document you were handed was anything but. While a severance package may look great at first glance, you need to review the document before signing.

With the Bantle & Levy severance agreement lawyers, we can negotiate and review the following:

  • How much severance pay will be
  • Continuation of health insurance
  • Return of personal property
  • Non-compete, non-solicit, or intellectual property agreements
  • Unemployment benefits

We know that losing a job can be complex, but when your rights are being infringed upon because of the terms of a severance agreement or you have not been given what was contractually obligated to you, you deserve justice.

What is Included in the Severance Package?

Severance pay includes compensation and/or benefits given to an employee leaving a company. The severance agreement is the document or set of documents that you are required to sign in order to receive the severance pay. While there is not one universal severance agreement, these terms are often used interchangeably. Typically, you will see the following documents inside of a severance agreement:

  • Release of all legal claims
  • Confidentiality agreement
  • Non-disparagement agreement

In New York, your employer is not required by law to provide you with a severance package. However, if there are terms within your employment contract that state you are to receive a severance package, the employer is beholden to that contract. While not common in entry-level jobs, these types of arrangements are common with C-suite executives.

However, there are reasons why a company may wish to include severance packages as a perk of employment.

What Severance Packages Protect

While sometimes a company will implement a severance package for C-suite executives because of the cost and time needed to often upend their life for these new roles, companies may also have a vested interest in these severance packages for legal reasons.

Consider this: You faced discrimination and harassment in the workplace which after filing a complaint, you were wrongly discharged. Because you have a year at minimum to file a complaint in New York, you can really become a headache for the company–so they will opt for a clean break-up with you where you can no longer push legal action against them.

Why You Need a New York Attorney to Review and Negotiate Severance Packages

In New York, if your severance package prohibits you from taking action against the company with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), uses complex language so you misinterpret the agreement, or prohibits you from filing a discrimination claim, you need to utilize the experience of a New York severance agreement attorney who can review the language with you.

Bantle & Levy LLP Can Review and Negotiate Your New York Severance Agreements

At Bantle & Levy LLP, we are committed to helping you get the severance agreement you deserve. If you have been given a severance agreement from your employer and the terms and conditions don’t seem fair, we can help. Contact us today to learn more.

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